Questions about your first visit?

Questions about your first visit?

You have received your card and selected Temescal Wellness as your ATC, now what?

  1. Call (603) 285-9383 to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.
  2. During your phone consultation, we can make an appointment for your visit that day or you can call back to schedule your visit. Please keep in mind you must schedule your visit the day of or the day before you wish to come in. If you prefer, you may order online here.


What if you already have cannabis experience and do not want a phone consultation? 

  1. Call (603) 285-9383 to make an appointment or order online here.
    1. If you place an order on Leafly, a Patient Service Associate (PSA) will call you to schedule your appointment after your order is processed.
  2. Do I need to know anything if I choose to waive the consultation?
    1. Temescal Wellness cannot recommend any products to you, but we can help guide you through our menu and answer questions you might have.
    2. You have a limit of 2 ounces every 10 days.
    3. All products are grown and made here in New Hampshire and are tested at an independent laboratory for potency and purity.
    4. All sales are final unless a product is deemed defective within 30 days of purchase.


What do you need to bring with you to your first appointment?

  1. Driver’s license or government-issued ID in the form of either a passport or military ID showing your date of birth and photo
  2. NH Therapeutic Cannabis card 
  3. PT Intake form 

Please note: if you are collecting a discount through one of our programs, please bring your social security benefits statement, social security disability benefits statement, Medicaid card, DD214, or license with a veteran icon on it. 


What do you do when you arrive for your first visit?

  1. Call our dedicated appointment line (617) 765-7560 and let the agent know you have arrived.
  2. If you did not bring the completed PT intake form with you, they will walk the paperwork to your car.
  3. Once the PT form is completed, please call us again and we will let you know when it is your turn to come to the door and show your cannabis card and license.
  4. Once at the door, ring the bell and show your cannabis card and ID to the camera.
  5. One of our friendly PSA’s will let you in.


COVID-19 Procedures

  • Visits are by appointment only.
  • Patients are welcome inside our building.
  • We are limiting the number of patients in the building to three at a time.
  • Curbside pickup is available for certain populations.
  • Masks are required for all appointment types.